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In Loving Memory

Braham J. Geha, M.D.

Our History


Ward Parkway Health Services, Inc. was founded by Braham J. Geha, M.D.  in 1977 with the goal of delivering high-quality, individualized healthcare services to the greater Kansas City area community.   

Dr. Geha's philosophy was, and remains, that a close doctor-patient relationship is essential to the practice of medicine and results in better communication, improved outcomes and overall patient care. This allows physicians to work with patients in the diagnosis and treatment of their specific ailment and to assist them in making medical decisions that are appropriate for them as individuals.

In keeping with the mission established by Dr. Braham Geha, the physicians of Ward Parkway Health Services practice evidence-based medicine and are committed to practicing medicine at the highest standards, and to contribute to the health and well-being of their patients.

We value you as our patient and appreciate the trust you have placed in us.

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